Unusual Advertisements

PROPHYLAXIS Presents Venereal Disease

At least they made their point.

The term prophylaxis refers to medical or public health measures taken in order to prevent disease or health problems, rather than to treat or cure an existing condition. Prophylaxis is also a way to stem an outbreak of disease, or minimize the symptoms of someone who has been exposed to a disease or virus.

Sanitized Tape Worms in a Jar

Remember a time when diets even meant swallowing tape worms to help you lose weight.
Believe it or not!

"FAT", the ENEMY that is shattering your life BANISHED. Sanitized TAPE WORMS - Jar Packed.

Senile Agitation - What!

A picture of a beloved elder coming to hit you. What kind of message was this giving to the young ones. Good grief give me a break! THORAZINE can control the agitated and beligerant senile and help the patient live a composed and usefull life.

Use Car's Exhaust To Clean Cusions

Using the exhaust gas of the automobile to clean the upholstery is the accomplishment of a recently invented device. An aluminum attachment is fastened to the exhaust pipe and the engine is allowed to idle. As the exhaust gas passes through this device suction is created at the inlet hole. Collected by a nozzle, the dust and dirt are drawn through the hose and expelled into the air at the rear of the car. It is made in three models, for cars of different size. With the car's engine idling, gas from the exhaust creates a vacuum that cleans the cushions.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT! This is a real car ad.